“Gun Violence” , Topic in front of President Trump

At the White House , in a listening session survivors of Stoneman Douglas high massacre Trump about their agony , torment and dismay. Students and parents who were infected by the mass shooting came to meet the President Trump to entreat for some consequential actions to grasp the gun violence.

The survivors were calling for law makers who could take some serious actions regarding the issue of gun violence. The listening session rapidly turned into a strapping and robust with the grief poured into the issue.

The heartbroken and the mournful parent of the girl Meadow who is killed last week at the school of Florida voiced in front of the president in search of Justice. Their girl was shot nine times on the third floor of the school. He further added that until this whole issue is not settling down he is not going to sleep because how many children Re this going to get shot at school.

The listening session was joined by Mike Pence, Education Secretary Betsy devos and Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky.

Trump said that this whole incident is just a result of loose gun law. Trump suggested ending gun free school zones with hospitals for mentally I’ll people and consolidating background check.

Image Source: AP

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