Enrouting a new place…

New city , new life , new people, new experience and above all a new start. But what if you only get a finite time to traverse a city. Rather than moving around the airport or staying strand in the hotel room and sleeping there are many ways you can just charm your mood and can go out and explore the new places. This can add a total magic to your travel diary and can make a memorable experience for you.

If you get only one hour to explore the city just don’t hesitate. Feel free to move around and get to know something new. Ditch your guidebook or Google map . Walk around and enroute something new.  When your are without any road instructor you become more cautious. Let your eyes and ears left you the way, the right path. Let the experience be only yours and let you be the only companion. Of your own journey. The cities are full of music , rhythm , buskers on street corners and under bridges, there are markets where vendors are yelling . You can also get the sound of whistling of the train. Let those sounds be the tutor of your journey.

If you get some free time in the afternoon you can enjoy every moment by running around the city. You can also go for a boat tour which will add some amazing pictures to your travel diary. You can discover some of the city’s highlights in some few minutes because most of the European cities are compact . There are some good restaurants which you can also visit to satisfy your taste buds . You can go out for random shoppings. Music tours can also be attended to know about the cultural heritage of the country. Apart from that you can also take a normal bus ride and can move around hither and thither with some peanuts and can enjoy the sights.

And for the evening you can go to some disc or parties. Before visiting the places take some proper informations about the gigs and events or concerts going to happen in the place , so that you don’t need to be bored by sitting back at your room but can enjoy the gigs by meeting some local artists and can feel the local taste of songs. SOFAR SOUND is the sight you can check in order to know about such gigs.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to enroute the city but with a proper plan you can at least get an essence of the city and that can be terrific introductory image of the city in front of you which will enchant you to come in the city again and, reconnoiter more .

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