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We all have an idea that a triumphant man has a busy schedule. But sometimes a jam-packed schedule of a busy man can make you feel wobbly. Elon Musk , the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX , is the name comes in the mind when talking about successful man. Today we are going to look into that eleven routines which has made Elon Musk successful.

To avoid the dizziness from work Musk used to take diet Coke caffeine and coffee in large amount. But this has an harmful impact on the peripheral vision of Musk which led him to have caffeine free diet Coke in his office now.

Musk’s sleeping schedule is also something he is not satisfied with. He goes to bed around 1 am and get up at 6am that is just 6 hours. This is not enough for a person , lead to less productivity in work. Proper sleep is needed for reducing stress and mental ingenuity.

Musk is also very cautious about his health. He never steps back to go to gym. Body fitness is his priority. To stay in proper shape he knocks the door of the gym twice a week. He practice a cardio workout on treadmill and lofts weight.

 Business meetings are the only place where Musk overeats. He mainly skips his breakfasts and also completed his lunch just in five minutes during meetings.

Musk likes to do his work with full concentration. He doesn’t like interference. So he avoids phone calls and try to answer as few as possible while he is doing some works.

He loves reading. Apart from his busy schedule he never miss a chance to read books specially his favorite books like Lord Of Rings….

Apart from being a bookworm he also loves parties. But his parties are little different. Like once Musk throw a party at an English castle where they played hide and seek till 6 am with 20 guests. And once in the  party Musk comes , dressed himself as a knight in Venice.

Musk loves to spend time with his sons. He can work at the same time while spending quality time with them . Without his sons it seems like all jobs are undone for him.

Showering is one of the daily habit of Musk that has the most positive impact on his life according to him.

He loves to play video games, listen to music and to watch movies occasionally.

He knows how to spend his weekends dashingly inspire of his busy schedule. He spend quality time with his family on Saturday and on Sunday he travels or stay at his Bel Air Mansion.

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