Death threats are being sent to the first Sikh Mayor of New Jersey

Ravi Bhalla is the first Sikh mayor of New Jersey. He has been elected three months before and after his inception he is now targeted. Death threats are being send to him and his family.

Last Thursday there was a security breach at Hoboken’s City Hall where Bhalla discussed this issue in his statement. No one is hurt till now but steps are taken to solve this issue. Police investigation was initiated and the city arrived to the FBI’S JOINT TERRORISM TASK FORCE to appraise security procedures.

Bhalla said that these life threats to him and his family are really frightening and warning to them that they should take the security more seriously.

This whole incident occurs on Thursday at 8 pm when Bhalla was not in office. A men entered the Hoboken’s City Hall and passed through the metal detectors and told the security officers that he is going to the rest room. Later a bag with an object is found from the secretary’s desk by Jason Freeman , Bhalla’s deputy Chief.

Steps are taken to improve the security check in the mayor’s office, City Hall. Police didn’t comment anything related to the issue in front of media.

Image Source: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

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