Blockchain making it’s way to the despondency

While talking with some engineers and some block chain focused people here we come to a conclusion that there is an apparent enthusiasm and a stance that this block chain technology is going to wind up being their life’s work. This technology is going to fit against the other technologies that has been aimed against them in the multi decade long battle as said by the block chain hacker.

There are some investors also who has started to loose faith in this block chain technology. There are investors who are just investing in this technology for financial benefit rather than faith in block chain as a fragmenting force. ICOs are still ensuing screaming to clinch access to the best one. The excitement revolving around block chain over the past few years have been escalated  by the encounter of the two groups , the tinkerers and hackers working in parallel.

In the 1960s the early protocols and packet switching technology was invented and this whole technology was develop Ed during 1970. Until 1995 commercial websites were not allowed to run on the internet.

The boundaries of this technology is being expanded by the hackers with new functionaries and creating new products on top of it.

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