The cost of medicines creates burden on other households

Grocery bags and colder homes are being empting in order to pay for medicines in Canada in 2016, said by a nationwide study on the topic published on Tuesday. This review is published based on the researches done at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University , McMaster University, and the University of Toronto.

968,000 Canadians reduced their spending on households and other necessities to pay for the medications according to the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. 238,000 skipping on heating with 730,000 cutting their food bills .

Due to the cost of the medicines 8.2 percent of the persons who were ordered to buy medicines were not able to buy them among 1.7 million Canadians according to the findings.

According to Michael Law people in Quebec have better coverage of medicines than elsewhere in Canada. He further added that it was known that people were facing trouble in buying medicines, paying for their prescriptions. So they are eliminating their necessities to purchase the medicines.

The lowest percentage of people is in Quebec, for them it is also not possible to buy the medicines due to high cost. The worst offender was British Columbia at 8.11 percent in particular because of their lavish livelihoods and high deductibles for medications.

Improvements in drug coverage would help to health care savings. Many people in 2016 has ended up in the emergency room that augmented health care costs and the corollary of them not taking the medicine.

Improvement in drug coverage will help to save the life of the people. Their life won’t end in the doctor’s chamber. The cost to the government is of course going to be the cost of the drug.

Those whose salary scale is low they are facing more problem in buying the medicines there by facing more trouble in surviving with good health.

Image Source: Consumer Reports

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