The corrupt Police Force of the city , Baltimore residents were truthful about the fact

Black citizens’ truths were not believed by anyone that how law and orders are just going against them and this is very shameful.

There were rallies on this Wednesday in the memory of Tyrone West where they said that how the law is being headed on them vehemently. Tyrone West is the man who died during a traffic stop in North east Baltimore in 2013. The victims were tried to bribe but still they preferred to speak out about the violence of the police. They screamed their heart out after unarmed Keith Davis Jr. was shot in the face by a cop in 2015. Freddie gray was also killed in police custody when the public burnt the police cars.

In a major corruption case two former police officers were found guilty by the federal jury on Monday. . Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, former members of the city’s now-disbanded Gun Trace Task Force, had been charged with racketeering and robbery. On the similar charges six other officers were already charged guilty. The Baltimore police Department is the best corrupted example of how the law is harsh for the black people.

The officers also robbed the civilians. They sold drugs and guns. There were also evidences who revealed that there were some officers who would drive their petrol cars toward group of people infuriating them to escape; in order to substantiate unwarranted searches .They tracked some of their targets with illegal GPS tracking devices. The police also take money from drug dealers. They rape even they lie in their reports. They also threat the citizens and forced them not to raise their voice against them.

Baltimore police departments abused the black residents, performed unconstitutional searches, and used to bring unjustified cases against them stated by a 2016 justice department report.

Thus injustice is being done with the black people. And the law is being enforced on them.

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