Walgreens asked for a takeover

Walgreen the famous drug dealing company has already owns about 26% of the drug distributorship & It is being heard that this company is soon going to takeover the full AmerisourceBergen. The whole news is coming out at a moment when the health care companies are becoming more perpendicularly incorporated possessing more pieces of the health care pie.

The journal reports that representatives from Walgreens who have already engaged 26% of the AmerisourceBergen has now asked for the takeover of the company .

AmerisourceBergen, McKesson, and Cardinal Health these three companies deal out about 90 percent of the US’s medicines to pharmacies and hospitals other companies including Walgreen has been going through pressure from the capability that Amazon could be involved in health care.

The precincts of health care business are going through alteration with the acquirement of Aetna by CVS Health, hospitals getting involved in the generic drug business. The insurers starting to look a lot more like the providers.

Companies have started to move into new era of business rather than growing by acquiring other companies in the same business. The Walgreen dealing with the AmericanBergen would appropriately fit in the changing scenario.

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