YouTube Red will be available soon for worldwide users

Susan Wojcicki the chief executive of YouTube declared at Recode’s code media conference that YouTube Red will be expanding it’s subscription service to cover more 100 countries.

YouTube Red was designed as a substitution to Google Music Key to provide the users a very simple way to watch or listen to YouTube video and play music as a stage on existing YouTube and google accounts. The subscription service was first initiated in October 2015 as a $9.99 subscription for add free viewing.

YouTube Red is currently available in Australia, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States.

YouTube said that it splits the subscription revenue for Red with rights-holders and content creators. Youtube members can continue watching youtube red original movies and series while traveling outside the supporting countries. When you are subscribing from one of the supported countries and travelling outside it you won’t be able to access this to download any videos or to listen any music except the videos which you have already downloaded back will stay for 30 days which you can access offline.

YouTube has declared an order for his top video creators that their videos will be hidden from public view on both the ad supported and free ad tiers if any partner creator earning a cut of ad revenue refused to sign its revenue share deal for its new Youtube Red $9.99 ad free subscription.

Doubt arises now,  weather YouTube will continue to rely on the Youtube made celebrities like PewDiePie and Paul, as YouTube continues to launch its premium content. This could be  quite devastating for the company’s advertisers.

Key advertisers like Unilever have started threatening to remove their business which is a serious issue to think about as it is likely to go global.

10,000 people will be brought to vet content as said by Wojcicki. A timeline for  hiring the employees has yet to be set. The continued Paul controversy shows that the clock is ticking.

It is clear now that Youtube is prioritizing “consistent” user experience where contents are always available in its free and paid service over the wishes of the owners of the content themselves.

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