Donald Trump’s legal team advised him to refuse any interview with special counsel Robert Mueller

President Donald Trump’s lawyers advised him to refuse to be interviewed by Robert Mueller in the ongoing investigation involving Russia and other possible areas of criminal activity.

However, things are flowing water now. May he refuse, but the investigation isn’t going away.

Undoubtedly, Trump’s lawyers probably believe he is so erratic and unhinged that he’ll self-incriminate. But this nothing other than shame

At least two members of Trump’s legal team, John Dowd and Jay Sekulow, have reportedly expressed concerns over an investigators’ interview of the president.

Citing four people familiar with the White House’s thinking, the Times writes, the lawyers, as well as several White House aides, fear that the president might contradict himself or make a false statement to investigators, which is a federal crime.

Previously, it is reported that Mueller had told Trump’s lawyers he would move to interview the president, although no formal request had been submitted. His legal team was considering how such an encounter would take place, including the format, the topics of the interview and who would conduct it.

Anyhow if Trump would refuse, Mueller has the power to issue a subpoena to compel him to testify before a grand jury and this episode could spark a legal battle ahead of this year’s midterm elections in November.

One of Trump’s lawyers, Ty Cobb said discussions are ongoing between the office of the special counsel and the president’s legal team, but he didn’t shed more light on the situation beyond that.

“The professional and active discussions between the OSC and the President’s personal lawyers regarding how and under what terms information will be exchanged are understandably private,” Cobb told sources in an emailed statement.

Image Source: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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