Facebook will swift in categorizing local news in user feeds

Facebook said on Monday that it’ll start to emphasize news stories from local publishers in an area where a person lives. It means it focuses on the local news.

This exclusive feature will lift up news which are related the particular geographic locale, along with outlets based in that area. Content will also be prioritized as users follow or share stories from specific publications.

“People consistently tell us they want to see more local news on Facebook,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page. “Local news helps us understand the issues that matter in our communities and affect our lives.”

Earlier this month, supposedly Facebook’s algorithms was to prioritize posts from family and friends over posts from brands and media outlets.

Zuckerberg announced Facebook would prioritize stories from more “trustworthy” news outlets, after asking users to rank them according to trust level. 

“Many people told me they thought that if we could turn down the temperature on the more divisive issues and instead focus on concrete local issues, then we’d all make more progress together,” Facebook’s founder, Zuckerberg writes. “Local news helps build community — both on and offline. It’s an important part of making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is valuable.”

Facebook writes in a past, “this update may not capture all small or niche-interest publishers at first, but we are working to improve precision and coverage over time. All of our work to reduce false news, misinformation, clickbait, sensationalism and inauthentic accounts still applies.”

Sources gather that the reason behind these changes stand Zuckerberg’s broader plan to try to make sure Facebook plays a positive role in people’s lives.

“The world feels anxious and divided, and Facebook has a lot of work to do — whether it’s protecting our community from abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states, or making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent. My personal challenge for 2018 is to focus on fixing these important issues,” Zuckerberg wrote.

Image Source: James Martin/CNET

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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