Senior White House adviser Frank Wuco once said true Muslims can’t “mingle with other faiths”

Frank Edward Wuco is a Senior White House Advisor to the United States Department of Homeland Security said that “true” Muslims can’t peacefully “coexist” or “mingle with other faiths,” which was revealed in a report.

He described the existence of the Congressional Black Caucusas “shameful” and has been critical of the NAACP. Some of his beliefs have been criticized as conspiracy theories.

Frank Wuco, the former radio host and veteran naval intelligence officer who frequently appeared as a pundit on far-right radio and TV shows before being appointed to the White House by President Donald Trump in 2017.

In the show  “The Willie Lawson Show”, Wuco presented himself as an expert on “true” Islam, where he said,

“[There’s] a critical misunderstanding of the true nature of Islam, which was never intended to coexist, to complement, to mingle with other faiths, It is clearly stated in the law, in the traditions, in the Quran, that Islam is here to abrogate all faiths that came before, was sent to abrogate and cleanse the corruption of the Jews and the Christians that are found in the previous scriptures.”

In another appearance in July 2012, Wuco was heard arguing that “so many have bought in hook, line, and sinker into the Muslim propaganda, particularly generated by the Muslim Brotherhood, that this is a — yeah, it’s a religion that seeks cohabitation and tolerance and peace with non-Muslim faith groups and nationalities and it just simply is not true.”

“To say that Islam is willing to coexist peacefully with other religions and other sort of nationalities, if you can have such a thing in Islam, is really antithetical to what the Quran and what Sharia law teaches,” he added.

Reports reveal, Muslim scholars and civil rights groups roundly condemned Wuco’s remarks.

Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations had some serious obligations, “First of all, we would need ask him whether he still believes bigoted and Islamophobic things about Muslims and Islam. My assumption is that he still believes these things. Anyone who believes that an entire faith or religious minority in America is incompatible with our society should not be serving anywhere in our government or be advising our government.”

Scott Simpson, public advocacy director for the civil rights group Muslim Advocates, said Wuco “is the kind of bigoted, hostile, conspiracy-theory pushing official who is simply incapable of governing our diverse nation.”

“DHS is one of the key agencies implementing the Muslim ban and anyone who still doubts that anti-Muslim animus is a driving force behind the ban should take a look at Wuco’s record,” Simpson said.

Former chief strategist Steve Bannon, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, former national security adviser Sebastian Gorka, White House aide Katharine Gorka, senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, White House counsel Kellyanne Conway and former national security adviser Michael Flynn all have close ties to anti-Muslim organizations listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

These groups deliberately  propagate debunked conspiracy theories about American Muslims plotting to take over the West and implement a distorted and brutal version of Sharia, or Islamic law

Wuco reportedly said in 2010 that Muslims around the world are “perfectly happy to subjugate and humiliate non-Muslim members of their societies.”

According to Waco, Muslims who live in the West, “will make every effort to establish independent rule for their enclaves under Sharia law, using violence to secure what they believe to be their divinely revealed right; the eventual subsuming of all that lies outside the dar al-Islam (House of Islam), until all is within it; until all is consumed by Islam in preparation for God’s final judgement of man.” 

It should also be noted that during an appearance on the radio show “The Dougherty Report,” in 2016,  Wuco falsely claimed that Sweden is being overrun with violent Muslims. 

“The assertiveness of Muslim communities in Western nations is becoming so pronounced… you don’t even need ISIS in Sweden,” he said.

“You’ve got everyday run-of-the-mill Muslims in massive communities protesting and becoming violent with the Swedish government, saying that they’re going to take over the country. This isn’t even ISIS. These are just peace-loving Muslims who have been allowed to immigrate into these countries.” He added.

Image Source: New York Post

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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