Floor of the Jakarta Stock Exchange  collapses, injuring at least 70

More than 70 people have been injured after a  floor collapsed at the Indonesia Stock Exchange building in Jakarta on Monday afternoon.

The collapse reportedly took place at local time (5am GMT) while the market was on its lunchtime break.

No deaths have been reported but a nearby hospital said it was assessing 30 injured people, including for potentially serious bone fractures.

Reports say, almost 77 people had been injured.

Hundreds of college students were among those in the building when the collapse happened. One described it as happening “suddenly” after she felt a tremor.

“The accident happened at the first floor … It’s a floor where many employees are passing by … There are some victims but they have been taken to a nearby hospital,” the Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono told reporters.

Pictures posted show debris and large pieces of broken metal that have fallen to the floor.Few people witnessed the building shake as the incident occurred.

Local station MetroTV showed footage of people running out of the building and some people lying on the ground near the entrance.

According to  MetroTV, a police spokesperson told, “we are still investigating the cause, but for now our priorities are the casualties.”

The sight of the incident was horrible as Megha Kapoor, who works in the building and was in the lobby at the time, says,  “slabs of concrete started to fall, there was lots of dust. Water pipes had burst.”

“I heard a loud cracking sound. I saw a lady unconscious stuck under slab of concrete,” she added.

Shockingly, despite the tumult, the stock exchange spokesman Rheza Andhika said trade had continued as usual in the afternoon session.

A terrific incident faced by people today is not natural rather mechanical which left many people with fractured bones and several other injuries. Sometimes a little default may cause to pay a great price.

Image Source: Associated Press

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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