Dell Mobile Connect lets you navigate apps right from your computer

Dell is storming with a new solutions to many silent questionnaires.

Responding to texts messages and view incoming phone notifications right from your computer.

It is usually very much inconvenient to keep an eye on mobile  while you’re working on your PC or laptop, to check the motherboards of both the gadgets seemingly you loose your motherboard coordination which is hectic because you end up noticing other all notifications on your phone while working and things turn topsy turvy.

Dell has created a new app called Mobile Connect that lets you do just that and plans to ship the app on most of its new PCs. The app syncs calls and notifications, lets you respond to them from your PC, and when connected to an Android phone, can mirror its screen completely so that you can navigate apps right from your computer. it basically pushes notifications from a user’s smartphone to a laptop and even mirrors some of the apps on the display. Not only does it display notifications, it even allows you to interact with them, such as accept or reject calls and even control apps on your smartphone.

Reported by sources, the app can mirror a smartphone’s screen on to a PC and allow them to interact with it. They tried to book a cab through the UBER app, which reportedly worked seamlessly. Taking it to the next level, it is said that when a call came in,  it immediately appeared on the laptop’s screen.

The exotic part is that Dell says Mobile Connect can also sync calls and messages from iPhones, despite Apple’s typically locked-down nature.

Microsoft is trying hard to push for a connected ecosystem of computers and smartphones, regardless of OS they run.

Microsoft’s Cortana also offers similar features on Android and iOS, provided both the devices have Cortana installed. Dell even claims that they will be able to provide these services to restricted iOS platform, which could become one of the USP’s for the brand’s laptops.

Dell hopes to change that with its new Mobile Connect software, which will come preinstalled in all new XPS, Inspiron, Alienware and Vostro laptops in 2018.

The new system uses a proprietary blend of Bluetooth and WiFi to let you control your smartphone from your laptop, so you can answer texts, make and receive calls and run full apps on your PC.

Image Source: The Verge

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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