Elon Musk promised to build Tesla pickup truck ‘right after’ Model Y, hinted a number of feature updates for Tesla EVs

Elon Musk just gave a big hint about when Tesla will build its electric pick-up truckTesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at when the company would build its all-electric pick-up truck.

Elon Musk has promised that the pickup will be made “right after” the Model Y crossover arrives between 2019 and 2020. We’d take that commitment with a grain of salt, but it at least gives you an idea of what the EV maker is shooting for.

Musk said via Twitter on Tuesday that the company plans to build the consumer truck right after Tesla finishes its Model Y SUV , which is slated to begin production in late 2019 or early 2020. So that means it’s likely to be another two to three more years before Tesla’s pick-up hits the market.

Musk also agreed to tackle a number of features for existing cars. Most notably, he gave the nod to tech investor Jason Calacanis’ request for an alert that lets your family know when your Tesla should arrive home. He also liked a request to use all the onboard cameras as dashcams, sign recognition and even a “Disco Mode” that would pulse the ambient lighting in sync with your music.

Many of those features are likely to take a while to arrive, provided they don’t get cut. However, they d suggest that Tesla will have a laundry list of promises to tackle in 2018, and not just catch-ups like the inclusion of more original Autopilot features on newer vehicles.

In response to someone who requested a Tesla pickup truck, Musk said, “I promise that we will make a pickup truck right after Model Y. Have had the core design/engineering elements in my mind for almost 5 years. Am dying to build it.”

In terms of size, Musk said it would be comparable to Ford’s F-150 total size, but “maybe slightly bigger to account for a really game changing (I think) feature I’d like to add.”

This isn’t too surprising given that Musk said earlier this year Tesla planned to show off an electric pickup sometime within the next couple of years. Then, at Tesla’s big semi-truck unveiling in November, Musk revealed an image of an electric pickup truck, which was based on the architecture of the semi-truck. And in Musk’s “Master Plan, Part Deux” in 2016, he described Tesla’s plans to create “a new kind of pickup truck.”

While Tesla won’t begin to make the truck for a few more years, there’s a good chance we could get a sneak peek of the vehicle as soon as next year.

In April, Musk said to expect the company to reveal the pick-up truck in 18 to 24 months , which means the company could unveil it anytime between October 2018 and April 2019.

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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