iPhone 8, the wrong decision by Apple or may be the wrong time…

In every release of iPhone the tech market prepares itself to withstand the storm of buyers but on the 10th iPhone launch the market is still calm. Is iPhone 8 causing some technical issues?

The iPhone 8, with all the exclusive  advanced features is supposed to be huge moment for Apple and is also a massive step forward in iPhone design that will break Apple out of its current boring design out. After all iPhone 8  is the revolutionary Next Big Thing but it doesn’t seem happening.

Well, the record of Apple’s iPhones have sold out rather quickly when offered for  pre-order.  It was the first time, Apple hasn’t been hit widespread sellout of  nervous handsets.

After a survey less than 400 US iPhone users, it is found that 16 percent expect to upgrade to a new iPhone this Fall,  compared to 15 percent last years.

Well on the contrary iPhone 7 models are actually out selling iPhone 8. A meaningful portion of customers are buying iPhone 7 in lieu of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8might is seeing it’s sales stymied by its own iPhone X which is nothing but a simple up gradation of iPhone 8, whereas the company did it’s best to pitch the IPhone 8 as a desirable option, featuring  an enhanced glass design, superfast A11 Bionic processor, and then wireless charging, customers seem to be more interested in iPhone X which offers boatload   of enhancements,  including an all new design, the first OLED display from Apple,  and a new facial-scanning feature called Face ID.

Sources said that carriers have also been less wiling to offer promotions on the iPhone 8 than they were on iPhone 7. Customer concerns, coupled with pricing considerations, might be pushing people to the iPhone 7,  which is still is a fine option in today’s market,  and it is more affordable.

The big test for iPhone 8, however, might just be when iPhone X itself shore shelves on November 3.

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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