Apple branded sneakers for a starting bid of $15,000

“Apple” , the tech giant is well known to every second person in the world. Almost every product released by the company has been a huge success but did you know that Apple who is known for its minimalistic aesthetic launched a clothing line in 1986?

The clothing line was named “The Apple Collection” and unlike the Apple we know now, the collection had oversized sweatshirts, windbreakers, accessories and so on, all in very bright and bold patterns. The clothing line was designed for men, women as well as children and the catalog was released a year after Steve Jobs resigned from the company. For some unknown reason, the clothing line was shut down.

Here is your chance to have The Limited Edition Apple Sneakers for yourself. It is a dream come true for any Apple fan boy.

After Apple closed the clothing line, only a few select employees of Apple were given the Apple merchandise. The good news is eBay , an online store organises live auctions called Heritage Live Auctions where limited edition merchandises like Nike Air Mag and Adidas Yeezy Boosts are auctioned, has now put Apple branded sneakers for a starting bid of $15,000.

The sneakers whose size is 9 ½ might be a little pricey for most people but it is sure to be sold at a higher price because of the loyal Apple follows out there.

The design of the pair of sneakers resemble a cross between Apple retro design styles with their rainbow coloured logo and the Nike Air Force 1.

Beginning of June 11, Heritage Auctions started offering dozens of rare sneakers and other collectibles in a live auction in partnership with eBay.

The question of the day is that would any of the Apple fans out there would give these sneakers a shot or would they rather wait patiently for the Apple iPhone 8 which will soon be released.
Image Source: Heritage Auctions