A small upgrade for your Mac book air to improve and extend its life

Over the past few decades battery technology is pushing to improve it’s juice inside to last longer staying in a smaller form factor.

Apple claims you won’t face any battery life degradation till your laptop battery completes 1000 full,   “charge cycle” but if you are a heavy user of your Mac book Air you just might start noticing it already just before it.

Hey don’t worry, you don’t need to go for a new laptop just for that. Egoway’s Battery Replacement pack has got your back. One of the the most simple solution for this problem available out there. Egoway isn’t only selling batteries for your laptop it cares a lot for you. It includes a set of instructions guide so that u don’t screw up & talking about screws, Egoway also includes a pair of screwdrivers that you’ll be needing to perform this upgrade.

If you are still in Applecare warranty going for this solution will void your warranty but in the bright side Egoway’s battery comes with a 18month warranty.

This interesting almost DiY upgrading kit is one of the best cheap and promising answers for the battery issue of your laptop.

The battery is compatible a list of laptops showcased on their website and by the love of God I command your DiY upgrade goes nice and well.

Image source: Amazon.com

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection