When to go for sleep if you want to wake up “Refreshed”…⁠⁠⁠⁠

Don’t just think about 4 more hours of sleep . If you want to make yourself more refresh in the next day morning. Then you have to be more attentive about your REM cycles.

REM(Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycles. REM cycle means it is your body’s natural sleep Rhythm and it generally goes in 90 minutes cycles for most of the people. When you wake up at the end of the rapid eye movement sleep cycle, that means your wake up feeling like a heaven or million bucks. But if you wake up in the middle of a REM cycle, you wake up feeling like a crap.

That’s why some people using slip trackers to find out the extract length of their REM cycle. If you are looking for this type of calculators so there is a good news for you guys. there is a company we have who produce that type of calculator. The name of the company is `Web blind company’. You can see the official site of that company i.e. www.web-blinds.com .That calculator works with any time you plan to woke up.

For example- if you want to hook up at 8 A.M then always try to sleep in between 10:16 p.m. to 1:16 a.m. 

The sleep tracker is better start for them who want to make the morning more refreshable.
So now you can understand by this short noted “Exactly When To Go To Sleep If You Want To Wake Up Refreshed”…⁠⁠⁠⁠

Image Source: Tata Cliq

by Rakesh Puhan, The Blogging Connection