The big daddy is back – Nokia N8

The prolonged silence is finally broken. Nokia has been resurrected, and has emerged in a new form. the entire gadget world is ruling the mind of the mass, bone of the contention is nobby, obsessed with Killing and inspirational Android.

N8 which is going to open up new and latest dimension in the field of Android department . Storm strikes after a complete lull, the silent scourge of Nokia with its most unique camera features dedicating  for folks of this Instagram and snapchat young generation “ can you hear the scourge of it, please do and if you do don’t let it fade away aspire it, cherish it” it’s waiting to be placed in your pocket kicking out all the other flagship phones out there. It’s not a style statement even though it looks fantastic but it defines your personality.

Don’t be (independent) with any high end phones but take an independent decision to owe a Nokia as if you owe something to Nokia. The sunset of Nokia with windows does not signifies its non- existence but on the next morning it rises up with Android having top of the notch performance packing qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4 gigabytes of ram having a 64 gigabytes of internal memory with a dual 16mp zeiss front and rare lenses with a unique feature which no other phone has running on a stock android promising to get faster updates as soon as new Era of Android begins. Nokia has become a spotlight in recent hours with its “bothfie” the most   unique feature of all in the phone world camera features  with a   good battery life making it more loveable with fast charging. Soon a sizeable chunk of mass will be in hot pursuit.   

Making the lines clear in a kingly gesture that Tigers hunt in pairs but lions hunt alone.

Image & Video Source: PHConcepts

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection