The 10 worst shows on Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading internet television network with over a 100 million members across 190 countries. Netflix houses a vast array of TV shows; it’s the King of binge watching.

Netflix transformed the market altogether with their no commercial breaks and no week long wait concepts. People can watch Netflix shows whenever and however they want to. It all started in 2013 with the ‘House of cards’ and as time went by the content providers has successively added many new shows, including international acquisitions like ‘Peaky Blinders’. From ‘Daredevil’ to ‘Orange is the New Black’.  Like all great albums Netflix also have a B side to it, it has a few stinkers in their library too.

Here are the 10 absolutely worst TV shows Netflix houses;


Ryan Murphy’s high school musical series is absolutely a mess. There is a reason for all that mocking. The show wanted to handle burning issues like ‘Homosexuality’ ‘Transgender issues’ and ‘Domestic abuse’, what they missed or rather lacked was the sense to handle these issues tactfully. The show kept swaying from topics like long abusive rants to issues of bullying. While there some genuinely talented singers in the show’s cast but, sorry to say every other song sounded like a kid’s album from those teeny days.

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The Cleveland Show

Seth McFarlane’s Animated comedy series is another tragedy. While some are fans of the edgy humor some might find it a little uninspiring and regressive.  The ‘Family Guy’ spin off is just a Black family instead of a White one. Cleveland is just a suave guy with a slightly funny voice. If instead of Cleveland the title character would have been Peter Griffin the show still might have retained its audience. Someone like Cleveland cannot be the selling point for any sitcom let alone be an animated one.



From the maker of ‘Supernatural; and ‘Timeless’, ‘Revolution’ was Eric Kripke’s return to television. Kripke’s Fans had hoped for a better second season but it was all in vain. ‘Revolution’ is about a world which has lost all its technology all of a sudden. ‘Revolution’ is more like a soap opera than a Sci- fi epic. ‘Revolution’ showcased few of the better cast in recent television history. Giancarlo Esposito being one of them. Esposito was lauded much more as ‘Gus Fring’ on ‘Breaking Bad’. While the cast is something to be admired the plotline is just so plain and uninspiring.

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Last Man Standing

Tim Allen is nobody else than every second frustrated Middle-Aged White man. On top of it all he is also extremely Unfunny and grumpy and also is a Conservative. The combination itself doesn’t demand any attention. It’s just not Hilarious. JUST NOT!!! Last man standing treats different viewpoints as jokes and leaves them there. It’s distasteful and unfunny and boring, all at the same time.

Do we need to say more?

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David Mazouz is the autistic son to a single father played by Kiefer Sutherland. The show is extremely BORING! Mazouz’s character is fascinated by numbers but cannot communicate and is not comfortable with physical touches. His Father happens to find out that his Autistic son has discovered what is known in the show as ‘God Sequence’  (P.S- It is a special set of numbers that imparts superpowers)

 As bizarre as that can sound right!!!!


The Following

Kevin Bacon returns to Television. The following was doing well in the first season. It’s a constant chase between Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll (A happening) serial killer. Played by James Purefoy.  The Battle between Ryan and Joe rages on or far too long making it too boring and monotonous. It’s also exploitive and gross!!! The Following was supposed to be a good mystery, instead it’s something very gruesome and uninteresting and predictable.

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The Mysteries of Laura

She is a cop and also a mother. Laura keeps juggling her duties between being a detective and a single mother. The show is extremely predictable and plain, which is the last thing one expects while watching a show having words like ‘Mystery’ in the title. On top of everything else Laura’s ex-husband is also her boss which makes the show even worse because of her constant bickering with her boss. It’s no wonder why ‘Mysteries of Laura’ was cancelled! NBC also revived Debra’s ‘Will and Grace” after all Grace is Debra’s best role till date.

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Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement are hands down one of the laziest comedy shows ever. They tried to make it like ‘Seinfield’ and ‘Friends’ but missed out on the wits and charm. The characters are extremely unfunny. It’s off target and makes people feel uncomfortable.

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The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is a British series. Airing after ‘Arrow’ it was supposed to be a hit but, no amount of pretty people and superpowers had the capacity to save ‘The Tomorrow People’. Starring Stephen’s Cousin Robbie in the lead role the show is a petty excuse for a superhero TV series. It’s extremely predictable and stale. There are far better superhero TV series in this universe to be enjoyed and experienced.

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‘Zoo’ begins with series of violent Animal attacks across the world. There are almost no explanations for some of the events in the show. Birds organize to drop acid rain on innocent populace, Animals evolve to such degree that Humans become extinct!! Only in a series like Zoo will you find the lead character slapping a General asking him about the whereabouts of a sloth!

After watching ‘Zoo’ which is highly NOT recommended it is better to say that everything that it shows is a Joke! This is definitely something that needs to be experienced.

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by Chandreyee Mukherjee, The Blogging Connection