Christmas came early for Game of Thrones fans

This year is not looking good for HBO at all. Firstly the episode four of Game of thrones gets leaked a week ago, and now the episode six of the series along with other latest episodes of “Curb your Enthusiasm”, gets jeopardised the same way. Thanks to the hacker named “Lttle.finger66”.

On Wednesday night the official HBO twitter account, along with “Game of thrones” and “Girls” official twitter account got hacked and random tweets started coming from their twitter handle. Prolific hackers like ‘Our mine’ have even accepted their deed and have made fun of the HBO cyber security.

None the less, the fans had a great time as they were able to see the latest episode of the season much before the broadcasting date.

The hackers also have demanded millions in bit coin from HBO to prevent such releases but as per sources in HBO, they have decided to redo all the scripts and the documents that the hackers have taken.

HBO told the media that they are inspecting the incident. Winter has surely come to HBO.

Image Source: Game Of Thrones 

by Anujeet Paul, The Blogging Connection

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