Turns out you can get high on food : As study finds cheese to be as addictive as drugs

A new study finds out that cheese, in addition to being the most popular condiment among kids and adults alike, is now one of the most addictive things on planet earth. And it’s backed up by a scientific research, also.

This all started with researchers at University of Michigan asking about 500 students to fill a questionnaire, to identify patterns in food cravings, and possibly also to understand why some food is more addictive to us than others. They used the Yale Food Addiction Scale, to find out that pizza is the most addictive food of all – more so because the major ingredient in it is cheese. Cheese is addictive to us because it contains casein, which releases opiates known as casomorphins that triggers the opoid receptors in our brains, which are connected to addiction.

The first batch of students who took the test helped ascertain that fatty foods are the hardest to resist; while the second batch was of the opinion that it is processed food that is hard to put down. But all in all one thing was constant in the top ranking addictive edibles in the list – cheese!

TechTimes reported that the researchers asked an initial group of 120 undergraduate students to take the Yale Food Addiction Test among an array of 35 different foods with varying nutritional values. However, the second batch of 384 people were asked to choose among same food items, but arranged in a linear hierarchical order.

The researchers published this study in the Public Library of Science One journal, and were of the sound opinion that fat was related to problematic eating, and was independent of the element of addiction – as said by Erica Schulte, one of the authors of this study, to Mic. Speaking to Tech Times, Cameron Wells, who’s a registered dietician is also of the opinion that casomorphins act with the dopamine receptors, and as a result ends up triggering that addictive element.

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by Debapriya Bhatta, The Blogging Connection

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