How to get an effective workout in your lunch break

1. At first schedule your workouts-

Always trying to schedule a workout plan. It will help you to decide your goals and demolish them properly. This is a normal formula of your success. Unless you schedule your workouts in the same way you might fall off the exercise Wagon rather sooner than later due to simply being busy. Reaching your goals requires consistent effort. Choose specific days and times for you physical activity and then you can achieve your milestones of your goals.
So schedule is really important to finish your active goals. If you are serious about to reach your goals or milestones you have to be realistic and put it in a effort to make it happen. You have to commit to working out at least 4 to 6 days in a week.

2. Pack your training kit and lunch bag-

When you get up in the morning always try to pack your gyming kit first and second one is your lunch bag. This things will save your time. That means you don’t have to waste time in that lunch Hour going out to buy. You have to choose something healthy for your lunch after working out.

3. Ideal place for working out-

Always try to choose a gym which is close to your office. That thing can save you time also. Otherwise you will get less workout time due to traffic or transportation delays, it will give you more stress also so choose an ideal place for working out during your lunch hour.

4. Bodyweight workout-

Always try to do bodyweight workouts like-
Jump rope,light Jog ,jumping jacks ,chair squats ,frog sit ups ,decline push up ,tricep dips ,lunges ,stepup knees etc.
That things save your time otherwise sometimes it’s difficult to get onto equipment or machine at that time you just need a space and Matt nothing else.

5. Never do HIC-

Never ever try to do high intensity cardio between your lunch break ,because after doing high intensity cardio you will not going to feel good in your office and you can’t do your job properly.

6. Warm up-

Before doing work out always try to do minimum 5 minutes warm up and mobility workout it helps to increase mobilisation of your body joints.

7. Eat after workout-

Always do you work out first and eat after that. And this thing will helps to do fast your metabolism rate.
Because when you do work out it will help to Burn calorie so always eat after workout.Always try to eat healthy foods.

8. Take a shower-

Try to take a quick shower it will helps you to cool down and gives you energy to do your job properly.

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