How long it could take North Korean nuclear missiles to hit US cities

Research shows that on contrary to what most people have been assuming all this while across the globe, North Korea ICBM might be able to reach the US covering a distance of 10337 kilometres. North Korea has stated to had conducted their first successful test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile(ICBM) after a series of failed ventures in the field. Defence analysts warned that the missile could reach as far as Alaska. As the isolated nation continue to gain success with missile launches, a new missile which is supposed to have the potential to reach not only the American soil but also as far as Low Angeles, Chicago and even New York City which is 6672 miles away.

This milestone achievement has rather threaten many analysts who believe that the threat is real and a significant area of US might be in the circle of great danger. Bruce Longer, a former Korea analyst for the CIA firmly believes that North Korea has become a major threat to US and its regional allies.

North Korea’s sudden success in testing new missiles is supposedly possible because of the black market purchases of rocket engines from a Ukrainian factory which also has a history to tell when it comes to Russia’s missile program.

The latest ICBM tested by the country under the leadership of Kim Jong-un was Airborne Odor about 47 minutes if reports are to be believed from the South Korean military and reached an estimated height of 3700 kilometres.

Though many still doubt the ability of North Korea to downsize a nuclear weapon enough to fit on to the missile, the growing success of the ill-famed dictator Kim Jong-un makes analysts believe that he will be able to own such a deadly weapon by as early as 2018.

It is high time for the Trump administration to wake up from their deep slumber and start figuring out how to solve such a major threat than just tweeting words of disapprobation.

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by Esther Vaiphei, The Blogging Connection

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