Loosing millions, just a pinch !

The world’s richest men lose $4.5billion as President Trump escalates his cold war with North Korea. Jeff Bezos who was briefly the richest man on earth and who net worth is $89 billion now lost $2billion value of his shares in a just a matter of hours while the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whose net worth as of 2017 is $69.6billion lost $1.6 billion over the course of the day. The Microsoft Co founder and CEO Bill Gates was the luckiest among the three, losing $850 million whereas his net worth is $89.9 billion.

President Trump’s war of words is costing the stock market its shares as tension is building up between the two countries. In his speech, President Trump stated that North Korea will have to face “fire and fury like the world has never seen” as a reply to North Korea’s threat to launch a nuclear attack on Guam. This statement by the President of the world oldest democracy has shaken the stock markets globally and sent the global stock markets into a tailspin son Wednesday and the European shares entered the 3rd day of falls on Friday.The Dow Jones Industrial Average saw it’s biggest dip since mid-May on Thursday.

Just before the Wall Street opened in New York on Friday, President Trump again used provocative words to address North Korea saying that the US was ready for any type of attacks from North Korea. Most people do not believe that a missile could reach American soil but regional conflicts due to escalated tensions might be an issue for global markets to function properly.

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by Esther Vaiphei, The Blogging Connection

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