Paranormal sighting on solar eclipse: Lizardmen!

It is amazing how myth can take a turn and end up as a serious element of reality – as in the case of the ‘Lizardmen’ during the coast-to-coast total solar eclipse that is scheduled to occur on august 21st in North Carolina. The apparently scaly and reptile descendant of Bigfoot adds to the hoopla around the celestial phenomenon – to which the South Carolina Emergency Management Division has issued a tweet, advising the people to ‘remain vigilant’ in case ‘Lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse’. Not only this, they have also attached a map with the points where these Lizardmen have historically, made an appearance – the last of which was recorded back in 2015.

In North Carolina, especially in Lee and Sumter county where they are known to have made visits, Lizardmen are actually a legit thing! Even though they might just be a part of the local legends and the folk culture, the SCEMD has anyway issued an advisory that directs people to ‘say something, if you see something’ – just in case the eclipse-viewing parties get out of hand.

As usual, this is nothing other than the stirring up of paranormal stories and occurrences that surround a total solar eclipse. But what is more important than that is – to keep your one eye always on the lookout if you see something green and scaly approaching. And maybe not shoot it, they might not come back again!

And, its not a prank.

Image Source: Land of the lost,2009 

by Debapriya Bhatta, The Blogging Connection


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