Amazon is playing in clouds – We just used to know its the retail giant

Always keep a good eye on your competitor. And when it is becoming tough for you to beat them, join them and let your effort be successful.

That’s what Amazon Web Services did when it officially joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) on Wednesday, just two weeks after Microsoft joined as well. With this, all of the major public cloud providers, including Microsoft, Google and IBM, are now part of this Linux Foundation-based group, which aims to bring modern cloud management techniques to the masses. This is a  good news for Kubernetes, a CNCF-managed container project. This move that suggests that the enterprise cloud providers are taking CNCF’s flagship orchestration engine Kubernetes very seriously indeed as a potential disruptor to their proprietary container-based services. “Many CNCF projects already run in the AWS Cloud, and we are excited to join the foundation to ensure that customers continue to have a great experience running these workloads on AWS,” wrote Adrian Cockcroft in a statement. Cockcroft is the AWS’ vice president of cloud architecture strategy at AWS who will join the CNCF governing board.

In signing on as a platinum partner, AWS is one of the last major cloud providers to join CNCF. CNCF’s flagship project, Kubernetes, provides a cloud-independent platform for managing the production-scale operations of containers. Although the open source software was originally developed and released by Google in 2015, the company quickly set up a foundation to  manage Kubernetes independently.

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by Labonita Ghosh, The Blogging Connection

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